Achieving Natural Smiles With Dental Crowns North York

Close up image of a dental crown.

dental crown in North York encases a tooth affected by heavy discoloration or significant chips in the enamel. Placing a crown requires physical preparation of the tooth and careful planning by your dentist. After the planning phase is complete, a dental lab will create a customized device that is both effective and matches the rest of your smile. The mechanism can be made from several different biocompatible materials such as porcelain or zirconia. 


Choosing the right composition of your crown comes down to the position of the tooth to be treated, as well as overall oral health. Each material has benefits, and it is normal for a dentist to recommend several options that a patient can select from.


Some common crown materials are:

  • Full-porcelain looks natural and is hypoallergenic. It is suitable for patients seeking alignment or form correction.
  • Gold alloy is durable, even in thin devices. It is highly resistant to corrosion while gentle with adjacent teeth.
  • Stainless steel works well to stop decay in young children by maintaining a primary tooth until it eventually falls out naturally.
  •  Zirconia is either solid or translucent. This metal-free composite produces no known allergic effects and is considered the most durable option available.
  •  Porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) combines the strength of a base metal with the impressive aesthetic of porcelain ceramic.

Which Type of Crown Will Last Longer?

Each crown material reserves an adequate level of durability to withstand the standard use of your teeth when chewing. However, some restorations are built to be considerably more powerful, such as fusing porcelain to a metallic surface. Additionally, the base metal provides support but is covered to retain an aesthetically sound appearance.


Crowning Your Tooth

Creating and placing a dental crown typically occurs in two appointments. The first visit includes shaping and preparing the affected tooth until the damage or decay has been eliminated. During this step, the dentist also takes impressions of your smile and places a plastic or metal temporary crown.


The measurements are sent to a dental lab for fabrication and typically take two weeks to complete. Upon returning to the office a second time, the personalized device replaces the temporary crown and is cemented into place. Patients leave the dental office with a completely restored tooth and can use it comfortably.


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Dr. Klaiman is knowledgeable and committed to his patients, and we can utilize a variety of different materials for our quality dental crowns. Find out what options can benefit you and schedule your appointment with our North York dentists today!

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