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Top Ways Fluoride Treatment Boosts Oral Health In North York

Young patient wearing dental eye protection during check up.

A noteworthy part of dental examination is the fluoride treatment in North York. This dental examination is a deliberate procedure amid which your dentist will explore numerous features of your oral and systemic health to distinguish pathologies or concerns and build up a particularly modified treatment plan. It is focused […]

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Prosthodontics: Implants, Crowns, And Veneers In North York

Male patient inside dental office looking in the mirror with a smile.

Prosthodontics in North York is the branch of dentistry that design and implement artificial replacements for teeth and gums. These include fillings, dentures, veneers, crowns, bridges and dental implants and any combination of treatments to restore lost or damaged teeth. Replacing missing or damaged teeth is important for many reasons. […]

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Cosmetic Dentistry North York: 11 Ways To Glow Your Smile

Three women with beautiful smiles taking a selfie with a smartphone.

Your smile is one of the most important aspects of your appearance and having a perfect set of teeth can aid in boosting your confidence level. However, if your teeth are stained, crooked or otherwise flawed, you can use cosmetic dentistry in North York to help create your perfect smile. […]

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Appealing Facial Structure With Jaw Surgery North York

Dentist pointing at digital dental X-ray results of the jaw.

Jaw reconstruction, otherwise known as orthognathic surgery, is a method to correct or adjustment to any form of jaw irregularities. Many times, problems with the bite or the alignment of the teeth can be corrected using jaw corrective methods of dental and orthodontic treatment. This is a specialized way to […]

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