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No Referral Needed to our Specialist Dental Office

As our Dr. Howard Klaiman is a specialist in the field of prosthodontics, many people believe they need a referral from their doctor or family dentist first in order to be seen as a patient.

We’re here to tell you that simply isn’t true! The good news is, new patients are accepted and welcome at Aesthetic Implant Dentistry with no referral ever required.

Services from our Toronto prosthodontist

Our specialist dentist, Dr. Howard Klaiman, offers a wide range of prosthodontics services focusing on cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, crowns, bridges, dentures, and temporomandibular joint disorders. 


Dr. Klaiman’s popular Full Mouth Reconstruction service uses a combination of various restorative techniques, with some of our more common restoration options including Crown and Bridge ImplantsDental Implants, and Dentures.

Let’s go over a little about each procedure below:

Our Crown and Bridge Implants service provides patients with beautiful and permanent restorations, available in a variety of crown materials such as gold, porcelain, emax, and zirconia. Dr. Howard Klaiman will evaluate each patient’s needs to determine which material will be most suitable, while always considering individual preference, as well.


Dental Implant Surgery with Dr. Klaiman involves replacing the roots of a tooth with a metal post. The dental implant is precisely positioned and surgically placed into the jaw bone in order to provide support for an artificial tooth. Once placed, the area is left to heal as the post permanently fuses with the bone through a process called osseointegration. 


Both Full & Partial Dentures are offered at Aesthetic Implant Dentistry, custom-created for each patient using modern and proven techniques and fabrication. A full or partial denture can provide life-changing results for a patient that lasts for decades.


Other excellent prosthodontics services offered by Dr. Klaiman include Teeth-in-an-Hour which can restore teeth in just one visit, the NARVAL® Sleep Apnea Appliance which allows for proper sleeping and eliminates snoring, and Night Guards which prevent damage to the teeth that can occur as a result of a nightly teeth grinding (bruxism) habit.

Ready to see Dr. Howard Klaiman for your prosthodonitc needs?

We’d be pleased to see you! Contact our team at Aesthetic Implant Dentistry today to schedule your prosthodontics consultation in Toronto – no referral required.

Take a peek inside our dental office.

What Our Practice Looks

Take a peek inside our dental office.

What Our Practice Looks

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