Oral Surgery

North York Dental Office: Stop Periodontitis With Gum Graft

north york dental office

Gum grafting is a surgical procedure used by a North York dental office to restore receding gum lines. It involves taking healthy gum tissue from one area of the mouth and attaching it to the affected area. This forms a new, protective layer of gum tissue that helps prevent further […]

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Dentist In North York Gives Tips On Dental Implants

dentist in North York

Dentist in North York agree that dental implants are a better alternative for tooth replacement for many individuals who have lost their teeth. The implant is permanently connected with the jaw bone like the tooth root once was. This is to offer a solid and reliable repair. The materials that […]

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How To Make Dental Implants In North York Last Longer

Dental professional holding teeth model for dental implant surgery.

Our Toronto dentist has the facts on implant longevity, and risk factors for a shortened restoration lifespan. Without a question, dental implant North York makes a better tooth replacement option for many patients who have suffered from tooth loss.  This is due to the durable materials used, in addition to […]

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North York Dental: Multi-Procedural Care For Complex Cases

Dentist with surgical mask doing a dental procedure a patient.

You can trust our highly experienced Dr. Howard Klaiman for the job. Complex dental cases in North York dental are quite common – and are often a result of factors such as genetics. misdiagnosis, accidents/injury, previous poor dental treatment, or neglect of oral issues for a prolonged period of time. […]

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Bright Restorative Smiles With North York Dental Clinic

Dentist showing X-ray result to patient inside dental clinic.

However extensive or unique a patient’s dental problem may be, our North York dental Clinic and Toronto prosthodontist, Dr. Howard Klaiman, possesses the skills required to solve it. When referring to dental procedures, there are simple cases, and complicated cases. Simple cases are more straight-forward, whereas complex cases require a […]

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Dental Implants North York: A Great Option For Restoration

Senior man smiling while holding a plastic teeth model.

Using North York dental implants, Dr. Klaiman helps patients achieve new and restored smiles from simple to complex cases. When a person suffers from missing teeth, it is typical for many oral health issues to arise over time. Even with a single tooth missing, normal functions such as chewing and […]

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Complete Smiles: Full Mouth Restoration In North York

Mature woman smiling while holding a green apple.

Dr. Howard Klaiman & Associates are passionate about restoring smiles, including full mouth restoration. You don’t know what you have until it is gone. This is where restorative dentistry in North York comes in. Procedures that are designed to repair or replace teeth fall under this branch of dentistry. Dr. […]

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Appealing Facial Structure With Jaw Surgery North York

Dentist pointing at digital dental X-ray results of the jaw.

Jaw reconstruction, otherwise known as orthognathic surgery, is a method to correct or adjustment to any form of jaw irregularities. Many times, problems with the bite or the alignment of the teeth can be corrected using jaw corrective methods of dental and orthodontic treatment. This is a specialized way to […]

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Start To Finish: Dental Implant North York Surgery Process

Two dental professionals doing treatment on a patient.

In the initial planning and consultation stages, your dental surgeon will visually inspect the area in your mouth where the dental implant would go, should it be decided that you need one. They will also examine the area using dental imaging technology such as X-rays and CT scans. Your dental […]

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