Dentist In North York Gives Tips On Dental Implants

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Dentist in North York agree that dental implants are a better alternative for tooth replacement for many individuals who have lost their teeth. The implant is permanently connected with the jaw bone like the tooth root once was. This is to offer a solid and reliable repair. The materials that will be utilized are durable and closely mirror the features of a natural tooth. 


Having dental implants is an important decision that requires research and consultation from a professional. If you are looking for a qualified dentist in the North York area who can provide advice and guidance about dental implants, you have come to the right place. Considering their strength and durability, how long do dental implants last? Continue reading to find out.


What are dental implants? 

Dental implants are titanium posts that are surgically placed into the jawbone by the Dentist in North York to support a prosthetic tooth or bridge. The posts act as an anchor for the artificial tooth, providing a secure and natural looking replacement. Following the procedure, regular visits to the dentist for check-ups and cleaning are necessary to maintain healthy teeth and gums. 


Additionally, careful brushing and flossing are required to keep the implant and surrounding tissue healthy.  Proper care and maintenance, and routine dental cleaning from your Dentist in North York are important. With these, dental implants can last for several years and even decades.. 

Components of a dental implant

Each component of dental implants is so strong and they provide a long-lasting and permanent solution. Therefore, let us examine the three parts of a dental implant.


  1. Crown teeth: the crown, often known as a fake tooth, completes the dental implant process and is completely undetectable from a natural tooth. It sits firmly on top of the abutment piece and is made of ceramic.


  1. Dental implant: it is also known as a post and is often made of extremely durable titanium or zirconia material and replaces the tooth’s root. The implant, supports the next two parts of the restoration and is surgically inserted into the patient’s jawbone.


  1. Abutment: to support the following part of the restoration, the abutment is fastened to the implant’s top.

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the tips dentist in North York offer to their those who are considering dental implants.

What is the normal lifespan of dental implants?

The implant screw itself has the potential to last a lifetime. That is, provided a patient follows a normal daily brushing and flossing practice. Visits to the dentist in North York or dental hygienist every 6 to 9 months for regular check-ups and cleanings is also included. 


On the other hand, the crown component usually has to be replaced after 10 to 15 years owing to normal wear and tear. However, exercising caution, taking your dentist in North York’s advice, and maintaining great oral hygiene can help prolong the lifespan of the dental crown beyond 15 years. Regular check-ups, teeth cleaning, and dental hygiene are essential practices to ensure healthy teeth and gums.


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How long can your dental implant treatment last? 

As we said earlier, dental implants can last a lifetime. However, there are a variety of possible causes that can make a patient more prone to early dental implant failure.


Some potential causes of dental implants failing may include:

  • Poor oral hygiene practices: dental implant replacement, like natural teeth, has to be properly cared for. You can care for it through daily brushing and regular dental checkups. This is to preserve its durability, ideal health, and performance.


  • Unhealthy eating or chewing practices: a patient is at risk for implant failure if they consume sugary foods and drinks, and hard or sticky foods. Additionally, routines like jaw clenching or teeth grinding may shorten the lifespan of an implant.


  • Cigarette and alcohol use: regular smokers and heavy drinkers are also more likely to experience implant failure. This is in addition to having a higher chance of developing gum disease and other oral health problems in general.


  • Dental professional’s quality of experience: Your dental implant’s lifespan may be impacted by the training and experience of the oral surgeon or North York dentist you choose. Patients should be sure to choose a highly qualified and experienced dental professional for their implant treatment.


  • Implant’s placement: dental implants inserted in the front of the mouth, where chewing pressure is lower, often survive longer than those placed in the rear, where chewing pressure is higher. The crown piece may need to be replaced a little sooner, but these implants can still last a lifetime.


  • Underlying medical issues. How effectively a patient’s body takes a dental implant will depend on their overall systemic health. That stated, the failure of the implant may depend on medical concerns like diabetes or cancer.


  • Bone density of the patient: Since bone deterioration is often brought on by tooth loss and aging, a dental implant treatment will need a sufficient amount of jawbone for support.


Dental implants versus alternative tooth replacement options

All restorative treatments should be looked into for anyone who needs to replace lost teeth. However, a dental implant will be a great option because of its durability, strength, and ability to appear and feel like a genuine tooth. North York dentists are also experienced in providing endodontics, periodontics, dental implant and dental emergencies services. With the help of these dentists, you can maintain a healthy and beautiful smile.

Do you want to repair your smile with a dental implant or a complete mouth reconstruction procedure? Toronto’s trusted dentists and staff are available to assist. Contact Aesthetic Implant & General Dentistry Clinic right now to schedule a consultation for restorative work or dental implants.

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