Brand New Teeth-In-An-Hour: Quick And Safe North York Care

Patient and dental professionals after teeth-in-an-hour procedure.

Teeth-in-an-hour North York provides you the opportunity of a beautifully restored smile without having to wait months. We can all agree that dental hygiene Toronto is an important aspect of health.

For many people, dental implants would make an excellent option for dental restoration. However, the entire dental implant process is a lengthy one; often taking 4-6 months (which can be a deal breaker for patients who either can’t or don’t want to wait this long). For those considering a dental bridge, tooth removal, or endodontist appointment, it is vital to consider all available options before making a final decision.

Why consider teeth-in-an-hour?

What if we told you there was a dental implant option that would ensure a much more quick and more efficient process? This will give you the restoration you’ve longed for almost instantly.

Sound too good to be true? Thankfully, it’s not! Introducing teeth-in-an-hour North York, or instant implants offered by our Dr. Howard Klaiman.

The placement itself can take less than or up to just an hour at our office with preparation only taking a few weeks. It offers a new and innovative approach to dental implant placement. This helps to significantly shorten the duration of the teeth-in-an-hour North York procedure. 

Furthermore, teeth-in-an-hour can also provide patients with a foundation for bridges or dentures if they need more than single dental implants.
What to expect during a typical teeth-in-an-hour procedure

After determining that you’d be a good candidate for teeth-in-an-hour North York procedure, our North York dentist will begin. They start by using an on-site dental cone beam computed tomography known as CBCT scanner to create a virtual reproduction of your smile. This will allow our team to develop a detailed, three-dimensional diagram of these dental structures to guide precise surgical implant placement. This step ensures both a safe and accurate procedure for the patient.

Following the placement of the implants, the artificial replacement teeth can then be securely attached and the process is considered complete – with the entire procedure capable of taking even less than an hour in many cases! This is why it is called teeth-in-an-hour North York. What’s more? Patients can typically resume normal activities within days following surgery.

Am I a candidate for teeth-in-an-hour?

Any person with missing teeth is likely to be a great candidate for teeth-in-an-hour North York. Just like with a traditional dental implant procedure, patients must have enough healthy jaw bone mass for implant support. Therefore if there is not enough bone available for successful placement, a bone grafting procedure will need to be performed prior to treatment.

Schedule your teeth-in-an-hour North York consultation with our Dr. Klaiman today!

Every person suffering from lost teeth deserves a restored smile, and shouldn’t need to go through a lengthy process if they don’t have the time or patience. That’s how Instant Implants have changed the game!

Contact our Toronto dental office today to schedule a free teeth-in-an-hour consultation with our friendly and experienced Dr. Howard Klaiman.

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Take a peek inside our dental office.

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