North York Dentures: Top Tips For Your Nighttime Care

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Our North York dentist is here with the facts

For many years, North York dentures have served as a great restorative solution for patients with several or all of their natural teeth missing. Are you considering dentures at a North York dental clinic for your own smile or the smile of a loved one? It is normal to have a lot of questions regarding the rules of North York dentures wearing. The most common concerns being about whether sleeping with dentures is safe to do, or, if it’s an absolute requirement to take them out before bed.


Our North York dentist is here with the facts. In this article, we’re going to answer just that – but first, let’s begin by exploring the two main types of dentures. 


The two most common types of dental dentures 

1. Complete or full dentures: this denture type is great for patients who have lost all of their natural teeth, as they restore a full smile.

2. Partial dentures: this north york dentures type is great for patients who have only some lost natural teeth to replace,  or alternatively if they have been deemed a poor candidate for a dental implants-supported bridge. Now, let’s get into the very purpose of this article: addressing whether or not denture wearers can sleep with their dentures in.


Do I have to remove my dentures before sleep?

When it comes to both full north york dentures and partial dentures, it is strongly recommended by dental hygienists to not wear them to bed. General dental care for your dentures simply involve the right habits. Dentures should be removed, cleaned and stored away prior to sleep, as any removable denture can put the wearer at risk for diseases and illnesses such as pneumonia. This is in addition to an increased risk in oral health problems like gum inflammation, gum and tongue plaque and other oral hygiene-related issues. 


Furthermore, if you aren’t taking your North York dentures out at night to gently and thoroughly brush your gums to prevent any bacterial or fungal growth, this can and will lead to more issues like unpleasant smells and gum tissue irritation. So, it is wise always to avoid wearing North York dentures at night and be sure to always clean your gums following their removal. 


Caring for your dentures overnight

Good dental hygiene is important. Since you ideally aren’t going to be sleeping with your dentures in, you should know about the proper way to clean and store them away before you sign off to get your rest. A proper nightly care routine for your North York dentures includes first using a denture brush or soft-bristled toothbrush along with a nonabrasive denture cleanser to gently remove food, plaque and/or other potential bacterial deposits from the denture.


Then, you’ll want to place your denture in water (warm) or denture cleanser, and ensure it’s stored away safely in a closed container in an area where there will be no risk of accidentally knocking the container over. Then, come morning, you’ll have clean dentures that are all ready for a new day of wear (that is, after you give them a rinse under water before putting them back in your mouth).


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