Dental Exam: 4 Questions To Ask Your Dentist In North York

Woman assisted by dentist during dental exam.

It is important to stay up-to-date with your dentist in North York about the state of your oral health. When was the last time you visited the dental office for a check-up and cleaning?

These crucial visits are recommended to be scheduled every 6-9 months or as necessary, as they go a long way in helping patients keep their mouths clean while also preventing serious or costly oral health issues.

With that being said, here are four key questions or factors that our dentist in North York agrees that it’s important to address with patients during their routine visits:

  1. Are they any signs of early decay that you should be aware of?

Our general dentist in North York is able to detect signs of early tooth decay during your examination, either visually or with the help of dental x ray technology. If the decay is in an early enough stage, it can often be controlled or even reversed with a change in dietary habits, dental hygiene Toronto habits, and with the help of regular fluoride treatment.

  1. Do you have any signs of enamel wear or bruxism?

The teeth are susceptible to enamel wear over time, resulting from a diet high in acidic foods and beverages, or aggressive brushing or teeth grinding. We will be able to spot early signs of this and can help you take the steps to prevent more damage from occurring.

  1. How healthy are your gums?

Any dentist in North York will agree that gum health is extremely important, just like tooth health. Your gums may be receding in certain areas and you may not know it, or, you may have a form of gum disease (the first stage, gingivitis, or more advanced stage, periodontitis).

Our dentist in North York will be able to discuss with you how you can work to keep your gums and dental hygiene healthy moving forward.

  1. Is there anything you should be doing differently with your oral care routine?

During your routine visit, our North York dentist will ask you about how you’ve been keeping up with your oral care routine at home. This is a great time to be honest!

Dentists in North York help you ensure you’re looking after your teeth and gums correctly, and are always glad to demonstrate proper cleaning techniques if you happen to need a little “brushing up” on your skills.

Additionally, if you happen to have a certain oral health susceptibility such as a high caries risk (high risk for tooth decay), or are at a higher risk for gum disease/ gum issues, this is also important to address so we can make sure a proper preventive plan is established.

When it comes to your smile’s complex and general needs, you can trust our Toronto prosthodontist and team. Dentists in North York are eager to help fulfill your smile goals.

Due for a smile maintenance at our North York dental office?

Our Dr. Howard Klaiman and Associates would be happy to see you! Schedule your next visit at Aesthetic Implant and General Dentistry Clinic today.

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Take a peek inside our dental office.

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